Loot Systems

I heard with this expansion people aren’t too happy with all the RNG.  That made me think of my favorite way loot occurred, during Cata. You ran dungeons to get justice points. Once you had enough of that, you could buy up to 2 pieces of your 4 piece set bonus.  You raided in BLUES.  I raided in blues!!  Then if you wanted your 4 piece, you raided.

Of course when Dragon Soul came out, you could kind of just go into LFR and get your welfare 4 piece but still.

Currently as I seem to understand it in Legion, you do dungeons and RNG on loot type and drops.  Then you do mythics with +10 being desirable.  Then you.. also raid?  And possible lfr?  And the loot drops are entirely rng.  I don’t believe sets even exist any more either.  I could be wrong, it’s been a while since I’ve raided.  I miss those though.

It’s Time to Burn

My gosh mage is fun, specifically FIRE mage.  I loved playing frost of course, very much so, but just the spells and the burning is just the absolute tits.  I’m stealing mobs bubble shields, stealing other mages combution, frost shields, interrupting healers (and GOD DAMN WARLOCKS just ‘cuz!!), and hurling flaming enormous boulders of pure ouchyness at people.  It’s flipping GLORIOUS.

What is with dungeons?

Lately, when I queue for a dungeon as dps, the queue is 20-30 mins.  Then  you get in an in-progress one so if you wanted gear, you might miss a boss or three.  Or like tonight, we wiped over and over and over until we kicked the warrior and healer who were terrible.  25 min queue, plus 45 mins in a dungeon, plus a ton of repair costs is not a good time.

Kinda waiting on 8.1

I’ve been told resto druid is weak and we know feral is on top of being overly complicated.  I haven’t played, other than AV nights, for a few weeks.  There just doesn’t feel like there is much to do this expansion.  The last one I mostly quested, no raiding, barely any world pvp, but the story was so fantastic it kept me busy.  This one, I’m just not sure.  I’ve done a lot of quests and I need to do more but it just feels like there are SO many it’s like god, can I just get these over with already.

That being said, this quest was hilarious.  It was like “The Day Deathwing Came” and very good.


I mean, you fight LAND SHARKS!