Trying to get back into World Defending….

The mage isn’t the best for it but it’s all I got on Sargeras.

I see this paladin, and a DK off in the distance, just before I’m about to port out in Lakeshire.


We tussle on the roof a bit, but I had to float down to avoid dying on top of something.

A paladin and rogue joined in and we won , so close for me!



Then we killed him on rez for funsies. Good times.

Just take my money!

I’ve been sitting on over 3k coins for a while, because it took me probably a year to get that much at this point.  But when I saw this skin, I spent it immediately.


With that being said, I’m at 385 coins as of today.  Let’s see how long it takes to get 3k again.

Ice Time

So, I did it! Thwarting the Twins! I figured out that keeping the adds up is vital, I mean I already knew that but what was really messing me up was my Ice Time shoulders.  It causes the frost bomb to explode for around 400k damage, which was killing all the adds, which made this encounter basically impossible.  I swapped those shoulders out, remove any talents that increased the damage of Blizzard, and easy peasy:

So all the prior 60+ attempts were for naught because of that dang legendary.  Sigh.


I got the pretty weapon finally!


I then immediately named 2 battle pets after Karam and Raest. I may switch them to squirrels though if I have two that match.

Frost Mage Challenge, I’m done

I had something like 30 wipes and people have said it’s taken 50 or more.  You know something?  It’s not worth it.  Also, do you wanna know why it takes that many attempts? RNG.  I can get to the last phase no problem but when Raest spawns the runes on a purple circle (which slows you) or on top on mobs over and over, it’s not my skill that’s a problem, it’s the fucking encounter.  FUCK IT. I mean how the fuck am I going to stand on a rune in THIS SITUATION?


Or how do I kite Karam, the mobs, and attack and interrupt a hand with all this shit on the ground?


Plus beyond that, it’s buggy because Karam will start to just run through obstacles and floors, like he does here:


I’ve gotten Karam down to 10 and even 6% but to hell with it.  I do not feel like wiping 100x on the off chance that I get a ‘lucky’ encounter where the mobs are in one location and the rune isn’t under them or on a circle.