The Fire

I still find it fairly unlikely this tree burned.  I mean, here it is from one vantage point before it burned.  It’s huge, right? Like half of my screen.


And here is the same spot, after it burned.  Nowhere near the size.





So! I’ve been wearing the same helm on Coquette for years now.  It’s just the absolute best and I have two colors of it so far.  I don’t like the hair on night elves and I cover that shit up with this beautiful glorious helm.

As I was questing in Darkshore what do you know, I see I earned an item, a Rootweave helm, with an icon just like the helm I wear.  And sure enough, it’s a recolor of it!  It doesn’t have the lighting effect of the helms I have but still, I thought it was super sweet that a druid item is a copy of “my helm”


I doubt anything I personally wanted has ever had anything to do in Overwatch or Warcraft but it’s interesting on how many things I had a problem with that ended up solved. For instance:

Blood elf hunters shooting animation:  It was horrible, I complained here and streamed while griping how bad it was, and maybe 3 weeks later, it was fixed.

People killing Farmer Saldean: I put in multiple reports at the Farmers low respawn rate and how even a level 20 Horde could walk up, not pvp enabled, kill the farmer, and then log straight out, avoiding punishment.  Guards now spawn if a Horde gets near whether or not they are pvp enabled and instantly attack.  The Farmer also respawns instantly if I remember right.

Disc priest PW shield having a CD: Well this was just dumb, but it now has no Weakened Soul nor a CD.  I’m pretty sure everyone wanted that.

Overwatch 99% thing:  I was convinced if one side on a control point went to 99% with the other side never getting past 0%, either the bad team got a buff of some sort, or the good team got a longer rez allowing the bad team to make a come back during Overtime.  This happened ALL THE TIME.  I had recorded instances of it and planned to time everything to prove it.  Shortly after, some patch went in and this almost never happens any more.

Hm.  I’m sure there were more but that’s all I can think of right now.

Overwatch Ana: Now, I’ve said this but I’ll say it here.  I think Ana should be able to heal target like Zenyatta.  Then she can hit skinny fucks like Widow without needing insane sniper aim while still having her shot delay and reload issue.  I could just be a baddie but IMO she’s only good when you’re behind someone huge like Roadhog and just shooting into DAT ASS with little chance to miss. You could still be a grandma sniper to enemies. Let’s see if it happens.


The new patch!

Wellp we got our expansion pre-patch and gosh, I think so far so good.

Priest: no more plea, and bubble spam is back, yay!  We also got something called Luminous Barrier that replaces PW barrier that feels like old school Divine Aegis.  I like it, I am quite happy.

Druid, we lost displacer beast and dash and now it’s something called Tiger Dash I think, that doesn’t blink but you run really fast.  I’ll have to see how that goes.  We lost Healing Touch which seems like the way all healers are going but it feels weird.  My keybinds always called for the big heal to be on E, the quick ‘oh shit’ heal on G, and alternate heals like Penance, Swiftmend or Riptide on F. Well Disc priest lost Greater Heal or whatever it was in Legion I believe and now druid lost Healing Touch.  What am I going to do with E now?  E has always been my key for skills  that needed to be hit a lot but we’re kind of losing that in general.  I guess Regrowth will take that spot now.  I just wish refreshing Lifebloom was still a thing.  And of course losing healing touch means we can’t take the series of talents that let us spam INSTANT PROC healing touches all over the place.  Damn it.  I only got to enjoy it for about 2 weeks.  Ugh.


All in all though, on the two characters I plan on playing, the changes look good.  I still have to test out feral though.