Kinda waiting on 8.1

I’ve been told resto druid is weak and we know feral is on top of being overly complicated.  I haven’t played, other than AV nights, for a few weeks.  There just doesn’t feel like there is much to do this expansion.  The last one I mostly quested, no raiding, barely any world pvp, but the story was so fantastic it kept me busy.  This one, I’m just not sure.  I’ve done a lot of quests and I need to do more but it just feels like there are SO many it’s like god, can I just get these over with already.

That being said, this quest was hilarious.  It was like “The Day Deathwing Came” and very good.


I mean, you fight LAND SHARKS!


Torb was meh so we went ahead and made him bad.

I’m not clear on why they made changes, or specifically, the changes they made to Torb.  I guess he wasn’t good in comp but in general he felt pretty good.  I liked throwing out armor packs to people, and while pounding on the turret to upgrade it could have been removed, it really feels like they just nerfed a meh character really hard.

Currently setting down a turret puts it at level 2 instantly.  I am not clear on if it has more or less health but it feels like it dies so much faster. It also was given ‘tracer bullets’ so it’s easier to see where it’s coming from, which probably effects how quickly it dies.

Previously if you have your ult up and it started to die, you could pop the ult and much like Winston, it would heal up to something like 800 health and start shooting much quicker.  We lost that, entirely.

We also lost armor packs.  Completely gone.

We have a minor version of the old ult but it’s only for a few seconds and feels pretty lackluster honestly.

And of course the new ult lets you spray the ground with this molten stuff but it’s so limited it’s super easy to avoid, even easier to avoid than Mei’s original ult AOE effect.

So yeah, gg.  Torb is bad.

Why is it so bad?

Maybe it’s because everyone is playing for the Halloween event, but holy shit are Overwatch games bad  lately.  I’m talking like, me getting gold kills with 1. The entire match. No one even gets past me.  As the healer, or something.  1 kill, the ENTIRE FUCKING MATCH.  It’s ridiculous.

Mythic Dungeons

I’ve been pugging mythic dungeons because why not but man some groups are weird.  I had one recently where the rogue didn’t even know where Freehold was, as in, what CONTINENT it was on, the DK was 309 item level, and the warrior hoped he could remember how to play prot.  I just left.

The number of people who queue for mythics and don’t even know how to get to it is amazing.

I did 4 or 5 of them with not many problems besides that though. 340 ilevel now.

Raid Mechanics

Last week I did Uldir normal with my guild, Erratic, as feral.  I complained about feral already but this raid got me thinking about mechanics.

I’ve raided from ICC until ToT, including some heroic progression before mythics were even a thing.  I can only think of a few mechanics I absolutely hated and this raid seems to be full of them.

The first one, which is probably number one with just about everyone, is the vehicle fights.  Amber Shaper for example, one random person gets picked to go in the Amber monster thing and control it to do something so important if  you don’t do it right, you wipe the raid.  And you get something like 10 seconds to figure it out.  Not even remotely pleasant and most of us just crossed our fingers and hoped we wouldn’t have to do it and get a kill and move on.  Haven’t seen it in Uldir yet though.

Watching stacks of a buff or a debuff.  Nevermind how such a thing is actually possible, but fights where you have to watch your stacks and then do something. Baleroc had one where the healers had to watch stacks of something and swap off because building the stacks was the only thing that would let you heal hard enough to keep your tank up.  So do it wrong and you lose.  Or Majordomo, at one point you’re grouped up and if your stacks hit a certain value, you had to run out of the group BEFORE your exploded.  Do it wrong and you kill the group.   I swear at least 2 fights had that junk.

And of course “group up” and “spread apart” or “join up with one specific person” or “run away from that person”.   Blood Queen Lanathel in ICC was one like this, if she bit you, you had X amount of time to bite someone who wasn’t already bitten or you got permanently mind controlled and ran around killing your raid. A few other fights had things like a line connecting you and someone else, and you either had to group up with them to bust it, or run away from them to bust it.  Neither were that much of a problem but when you’re in the thick of things and you can’t stand next to so in so because of whatever, it’s frustrating.

I really don’t think running feral is going to work for me in raid either.  Babysitting a difficult rotation while watching all that other stuff, is more than I can handle.