I love Tol Barad

Tol Barad has been every hour for a while now, but you can use the group finder to get into more by phasing into other servers.  Today I just happened into a battle with actual Horde, and thanks to a fire mage named Galaktik-Icecrown, we destroyed them all.  Man I love this map!




Why did I stop playing the druid btw?

I started trying to gear up Coquette just to get that feral skin, hopefully, and I forget why I stopped playing exactly.  Sure I mean resto druid felt weak at the beginning, and feral felt even weaker, and I lost world defense and open world pvp is the worst (imo) it’s ever been.  But dang.  I can breathe under water with the aquatic form, I can fly with flying form, travel with travel form.  I’m an engineer so I can cook, repair, smelt, glider, zoom, and port to Pandaria, Northrend, or Draenor at any time with wormholes, Nature’s Beacon (the old One with Nature skill) to different continents instantly, and retrieve my mail in the middle of a forest.  I feel so gangster again!

Last Minute Expansion Things

Sooo yeah.  I decided I wanted that ice blue feral skin a while ago but, I never bothered to gear up my druid, so I’m doing it frantically now.  I heard it’s a really easy mage tower challenge around 930 and I’m almost there.  Fortunately Blizzard put in a quest to make our the artifact weapon max out easily too.



This feels like  “the Hordebreaker” title I literally got at the 11th hour about 30 mins before it was too late to get it.

Just take my money!

I’ve been sitting on over 3k coins for a while, because it took me probably a year to get that much at this point.  But when I saw this skin, I spent it immediately.


With that being said, I’m at 385 coins as of today.  Let’s see how long it takes to get 3k again.

Great Truths on a PvP Server


I’ve been playing on Sargeras a whole lot lately, because I love playing fire or frost mage.  But, there are a couple of truths in world pvp in particular, that end up as pixel gut-feelings I’ve come across.

On Argus with a clump of good quests to be done? Yep, a group of horde will be trying to kill Alliance.

That single hunter isn’t going to attack you, but when a healer comes to help them, you better believe they are going to attack you.

Need to do a critical quest, like Timewalking turn in for the MoP dungeons? Yep, gonna be 40 horde camping the ever loving fuck out of the quest giver area.

You see a class that needs ramp-up like a frost mage these days, ramping up around your general area? Yeah they are going to try to one-shot you with glacial spike. When spriests had orbs it was a similar thing.


Oh and of course, your fellow Alliance probably won’t give a shit either.