Fixing Ferals but not like THAT

Insert Price is Right Bob Barker here.


So as I’ve said I’m playing feral for questing and having a good time.  Kuruha (Fooja) just mentioned it’s ‘bad’.  Ok maybe it is.  I’m not pvping with it, not doing dungeons, not raiding except for that one or two bad times.  But, what would I do to fix it?  I’m speaking strictly for a ‘good god I don’t want to juggle 10 different things’ side.

Savage Roar is BASELINE (or eliminated).

Ferocious Bite refreshing Rip is BASELINE.

Ferocious Bite and Rip ALWAYS act like you have 5 combo points but only take 1 cp to use.   Maim still has combo point ranks however.


And hm.  yeah, I think that’s about it for quality of life.

That damn flying thing

So, I was not happy with grinding out flying again, but I got on my druid and went feral to help me travel without pulling a giant mess.  And… ok, I like playing now.  I’m doing tons of dailies and clearing out entire maps and having a good time.  Feral is still complicated but I can kill groups reasonably and uh yeah.  It’s fun, again?

Water Walking

I’d have to check because I think I said this before but, what I had mentioned is going to happen.  The ugly water strider that can walk over water, will lose the ability and now every mount can get it.  Apparently mounts are getting a ‘gem slot’ where they can choose special abilities, water walking being one of them.  I said it before but it only seemed fair to let any mount do it otherwise EVERYONE would use 1 mount because of the bonus.  Plus it was SO ugly.  So so ugly.

Don’t want to play, because there is too much to do

Too much to do in a game seems like it would not be a problem.  But here we are with too much to do in WoW.  I’ll explain.

The simplest things that were easy in other expansions now require a lot of work.  Flying, as I’ve talked about before.  Previously it just cost gold.  Now it takes a rep grind, quest grind, explore grind, etc.  I JUST WANT TO FUCKING FLY but no, I have to do hours and hours of stuff I really don’t want to do.  But if I want flying, I have to.

Gear, before in Cata for instance, you could casually grind your JP and get a 2 piece set and if you were serious, you raided to get the 4 pc.  Now the best gear is kinda random and there are crazy levels of dungeons to do via mythics.  I guess it’s pretty popular but looking at +10 dungeons it’s like oh come on.

The “CTA” cool maps in pvp are neat though, but I haven’t really pvp’d seriously in ages.  I use to do area, rbgs, random battlegrounds, all the time.  Not any more.

Almost everyone I knew in game is gone on top of all of that.  It’s like playing a single player MMORPG.  I don’t know if I can join another dying guild either.


Brawl vs AI

The most recent brawl in the updated Arathi Basin is vs a team entirely of AI.  I really don’t think even Alliance can lose but it’s enjoyable for a few reasons.  For one, you know you aren’t going to get blasted out of your boots and GY farmed by a team 100x better than you.  I quit doing random bgs for like 2 years now, when I use to do them ALL THE TIME, because of this.  With the exception of WoD where Alliance dominated, you could expect, as Alliance, to get murdered in every single bg.

I’m talking terribly unbalanced by score, HK’s, damage, you name it.  You sort a scoreboard and see the top 7 be Horde by damage and welp, why even bother.

The AI has decent damage, and even then are often better than the live players.  However it gives Alliance in particular a chance to win for once, and practice stuff like spinning.  These bots try to stealth cap and ninja cap like a BOSS.  You have to be on your spin game or they WILL take it from under your nose.  I think it’s very excellent practice without getting absolutely slaughtered like you would in any other game.  So my reasons for liking it really boils down to

  1. fighting a team only slightly sub-par with an average Alliance player
  2. Almost impossible to not win
  3. Your team has a good chance to respond to inc calls and WIN the team fight
  4. Alliance works together and can actually feel a win

That being said, I would love to see different flavors of this like in Overwatch. Have a legendary mode where the AI has god-mode where they know where the other team is at all times and responds accordingly.  THAT would be sweet.  They could know that you have 3 in the road going to Farm and 1 hunter at stables and send an appropriate amount where they need to go.  I’d love to see that.