Great Truths on a PvP Server


I’ve been playing on Sargeras a whole lot lately, because I love playing fire or frost mage.  But, there are a couple of truths in world pvp in particular, that end up as pixel gut-feelings I’ve come across.

On Argus with a clump of good quests to be done? Yep, a group of horde will be trying to kill Alliance.

That single hunter isn’t going to attack you, but when a healer comes to help them, you better believe they are going to attack you.

Need to do a critical quest, like Timewalking turn in for the MoP dungeons? Yep, gonna be 40 horde camping the ever loving fuck out of the quest giver area.

You see a class that needs ramp-up like a frost mage these days, ramping up around your general area? Yeah they are going to try to one-shot you with glacial spike. When spriests had orbs it was a similar thing.


Oh and of course, your fellow Alliance probably won’t give a shit either.




Well, chasing after Thanatan has been taking a really, really long time.


I got to visit Harkun again but for some reason fraps didn’t want to save my screenshots.  He’s extra super polite to me these days, though.  I still find him spicey.  I mean really he’s basically like the baby sitter of the incompetent and totally racist to anyone not human but yeah.  This game really has great quests.

Yes, but they aren’t ME

I have something of a habit of fighting bitterly with people I end up reconciling with and end up with a friend.  That may be the case with this Solo bozo. He asked if anyone wanted to duel and I accepted, and proceeded to try to beat the living hell out of him for something like 10 straight minutes.  No joke, we went until after the battle ended.

But thanks to a dumb legendary he has that heals for 3% total health whenever he doesn’t move, I could close not the deal. But I felt better after.

He ended up btag inviting me and I grudgingly had to say he was decent.  And I’ve heard this before but I got “I can kill other discs”.  Yes, but they aren’t ME.


Then as you may see, he also replied with a similar line of “im not any hunter” when I said I’ve killed hunters before.

As I stand in Tol Barad

Tol Barad is now cross-realmed so, there are many players from many servers there.  Of course today it was only Alliance, but still.


I had been talking about this yesterday too, but I’ve made a lot of Horde friends over the years, when I was Alliance.  Other than that one rogue at the Crossroads, and Predator at Halaa, I can’t think of any Alliance friends I made when I was Horde. At any rate, I decided to write a refresher of those people.

Ladiesman, Blood Elf Rogue:  Met in Tol Barad when I played Ocyla, and he relentlessly targeted me and impressed everyone with how slippery he was avoiding death.  We were good friends for around 3 years when, at the end of 2014, he just went dark on game and Skype.

Fratricide, Blood Elf Paladin:  Met in Wintergrasp, as he was going after the 7k bounty Ladiesman put on me.  Ended up joining his guild when I went horde for a time.

Sealgaer, Blood elf hunter:  Met in Tol Barad, I nearly killed him but he misdirected Problim on me and I died.  I was impressed and went over to say “GG”.  Some time later, he remembered me, and we became friends and he joined my guild on Alliance. We still talk on and off.

Kuraha, rogue, can’t recall race: Met when I was world defending the towers out in Hellfire.  I got killed many times against he and his friend but, we had a friendly talk and I ended up joining his guild on Ghostlands as a rogue.

Deterrence/Predator: Human hunter: gave me a ridiculously hard time when I was Horde trying to defend Halaa.  I recall being scatter trapped into an ice trap, and then explosive trapped off the side, to my death in the deceptively shallow water.  That was one of those times where you take your hands off the keyboard and go “well shit”.  We use to do a lot of wpvp together.  We still talk sometimes.

Oltar, horde orc shaman:  Enhancement shaman who liked to cause trouble in Elwynn forest, who was cheeky!  I couldn’t 1v1 him for the life of me.  We did a lot of wpvp in the forest and played some OW, but, he disappeared entirely a while back.  I make a Frostwolf Ghostpup named after him run after me sometimes.

Shaco, undead horde rogue:  Use to cause trouble at the logging camp and I’d fight him on my priest.  I don’t remember him soloing me, but he likes to tell wild tales about how he masters all classes and beats up everyone all the time.  Rather annoying at this point.

Stabbs, horde rogue: We use to fight in Darkshire a lot, I would only win because glitter bombs were kind of OP back then.


Hmm.  All I can think of at the moment.

Cutting Loose

I decided to leave Stormpike Militia entirely recently. I didn’t even explain myself, I just left the FB page which I was an admin of, deleted the vent info,  and removed the references on my Twitch page.

The reasons kind of kept piling up and I finally had to say, there is no good way for us to go back to a small casual group, and no one apparently willing to put their foot down on anything.  Or at least, not be as strong-armed as I was looking for.

It had been pointed out to me on a number of occasions that we’re really destroying the other team.  Our scores would be in the high 500’s, taking the other team down to zero without killing Drek.  Like, hardly ever.  This wasn’t really a problem until I heard people making calls to NOT destroy towers and “HK them down” on more than one occasion. Our top HK’s would be in the 300’s and the top enemy team in the 50’s.  That was bad.  Additionally, for probably numerous reasons, the other team would have so many rage quits you’d see up to 40% of their team not even filled in.  People liked to blame it on games going too long but, you can’t say that wasn’t because of us.  We’d even attempt to draw out more HKs for people going for “the Bloodthirsty”.

Doing silly things like running around as pandas was fun, but when I suggested doing it “naked” (no body armor, but weapons) it really looked like we were mocking the other team.  I mean I didn’t mean it like that, but apparently playing naked isn’t as detrimental as you’d think, and I stayed alive much longer than I figured. It smacked a  bit of bored premades doing stupid tactics like “the reach-around” (Hydra)  or “Heaven’s Light” (some stupid premade in Ashran).

If we chose to summon Ivus, it was basically seen as a given and “how dare they!” if the other team interfered.  Someone I know killed the druids during one summon attempt, and then the fingers flew at who screwed it up, did someone sabotage it?  It must have been the pugs!  Wait what, you can’t kill your own npcs, duh.

During one premade vs premade, a call was made by the Cupcakes (Horde premade) leader for us to focus a particular pug on the enemy team.  Why? The leader was upset with them.  And we complied.  That was ‘what the actual fuck’ imo.

Then there were some internal problems that bothered me.  The first one was a paladin on our team, who I found to be quite unpleasant for several reasons, including calling me a “cry baby” and telling a raid leader to “fuck off”  and wasn’t sure why she wasn’t at least temp banned.  I mean other than being close friends with a raid leader.

We also had a guy who was openly “telling it like it is” (aka, being an asshole) who was tolerated simply because they had “really good dps”.

It all came to a crossroads when I made a post about some of these situations on the regular forums by making parallels to us vs Hydra.  Some people agreed, some disagreed.  That’s all fine.  I was told to be careful what I post by a raid leader though, and, I don’t play that.

I did not see any way we could start taking all our queue pops like we use to, without people being left out or not in the ‘good group’.

The real push though was reading posts on the FB page about how it was so much fun to piss off the pugs on YOUR OWN TEAM and make them rage whisper you, while you act like a fuckface in IoC by throwing glaives in the water, or not using the siege vehicles in the proper fashion.  Then also laughing when the pugs managed to get a win despite their bullshit.  I asked if they purposely troll their own team and got “We have pvp happen, call it what you will.”  I called it trolling and griefing, and frankly disgusting.  I got called a hypocrite and that I was trolling AV.

That was “ok I’m out” right there.  It wasn’t just that one thing, but enough to decide to act.  Only one person in that group ever talked to me outside of games anyway so it’s not like anyone will care.

So now I have more time for Overwatch! Not that.. anyone plays that, any more.