I thought I did but I didn’t

When I started in Wrath I began with a mage.  Around the time ICC came around, I had switched to a priest who I still consider to be my main and played it as such through the rest of Wrath, Cata, and MoP.  I always thought to myself if classic came around again or if I could start back in 2004 I would make a priest.

Well classic DID come around and a made a priest.  Only, healing is brutal.  Like just as bad if not worse than healing at the beginning of Cataclysm.  Having to drink after EVERY SINGLE pull is crazy. So I swapped to shadow.  Only even at 42 it feels like it takes an entire mana bar to kill anything and killing is SO SLOW.

I’m now  26 on my mage and I LOVE IT.  Free drinks and food.  Blink, frost nova, sheep, counterspell, teleports, and spells that feel they can hit a mob from MUCH FURTHER AWAY.  So I think perhaps my mage will be my first 60 and I wasn’t wrong to start with one in Wrath.

Of course in Wrath I started as arcane and now I’m fire, but that’s neither here nor there.  I guess frost is better but I really like killing things with fire, so, oh well.

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Classic Fire Mage

I decide to level my mage as fire and see how it compared to shadow.  I am up to level 16 and so far it is MUCH easier.  I can generate all the food and water I want so constantly drinking isn’t as frustrating.

I can attack things from much, MUCH further. I think shadow priest has the same range for SW pain and Mind Blast, but Mind Flay is like 10 yards closer so that’s not cool.

My fireball has the ability through talents to stun a mob, and I can snare them with frost nova to keep them away from me.  My spriest has nothing of the sort.

And my mage can kill things much, MUCH faster and easier. Plus you aren’t running from me, Defias!

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Classic Alterac Valley

Well we all wanted to play the classic AV like it use to be around vanilla and I can honestly say the updated version is just as good.  As long as the guards stay higher levels than the players, it’s fine. Anyway Blizzard tempted us with an updated Stormpike Ram and I HAD TO HAVE IT.  The problem was, Alliance lost pretty much every single battle.  But, I did get to see Lok for the first time ever:

and eventually got my mount:



But no joke, had a 7% win rate.


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Bots Bots Bots

So apparently there are NCsoft bots these days and anyone can bot and it’s ok.  I had to kill 300 mobs in the Ruins of Agony  and it took FOREVER for a few reasons.  1. I still have a no grade starter weapon 2. I have NO shots 3. I cannot afford shots and 4. there are as many bots as mobs and apparently even if you tag the mob first, if the bot kills it (which they do in 2 hits) you do not get credit.  So it took forever to even find a mob to hit that wasn’t already targeted by 3 bots.  What the actual fuck Ncsoft?  Captain Bathis even has a menu called “Ask about auto-hunting”.

Do you want to know what that 300 mob quest got me?  Oh, like 1 level.    Yeah I know actual L2 original was much slower but I don’t know of any quest where you had to literally do 300 mobs.  I mean, sometimes it took that many or more to get your quest items but it just wasn’t set like that.  Crazy.  And I still have a starter weapon.

Classic Lineage 2, Isn’t

I was streaming retail Lineage 2 a bit and someone suggested that if I wanted the original feel of the game I should try the classic client. So I did. I’m spitballing dates here a little because it’s been a while.

It’s uh, not even remotely classic though. The character creation screen is the new one, from many, MANY years after the original.  Like around 5th or 6th expansion if memory serves. You can choose a Kamael, who are now called the “Jin Kamael” for some reason, when they didn’t come out until the Kamael update some 6 years after launch.

You don’t have to walk ANYWHERE, at least so far.  I got ported from the old dark elf starter zone straight to town, where the arm in the middle seemed somehow crooked.  I then got ported right to the next town which was Gludio, given upgraded gear (but no weapon and no more spiritshots, which are ungodly expensive), and then later ported right to the Ruins of Agony.  No walking around required.

The popular choice for bots seems to be the precursor to elemental summoners, and kamael melee.  They are EVERYWHERE. Ponies for DAYS.

So far every area the mobs have been passive, and non social.  It’s really something else.  It took me maybe 1 hour to hit 20 and a simple button click to change from mystic to wizard.  No running everywhere, no long 1st class change quest, yeah this isn’t classic.  Adena doesn’t drop either, it goes right into your inventory, and very, very little of it. I wanted to buy just 500 spiritshots, not even blessed, and I couldn’t afford it. So, that part is like classic.

And even funny enough, there is now a bot system in game.  In RoA you will find 5 bots to every mob cluster going at it 24/7 for DAYS.  It’s… yeah.  It’s like Blizzard introducing Cataclysm as “Classic” and letting you afk bot. This isn’t classic.