Worse than Timeless Isle

Back during MoP, gear out in the world got extremely unbalanced.  The best pvp gear level was 550, but raiders could get to 580ish.  That meant they could destroy pvpers very quickly, we’re talking 3 globals.  I personally recall dying to a raid tier shadow priest on my resto druid in the span of a Silence, or getting destroyed with a penance or two by a disc priest on my 550 hunter.

Timeless Isle was a real problem on pvp servers in particular, because raiders were gods and could kill pvpers like it was nothing.  I didn’t ever want to see THAT again.

But, here we are.  I’m around 935 ilevel on my mage and priest, but if I run into say, a warlock who is 960ish, they can melt me and NOTHING I can do will save me, I can’t even outheal the damage.  On top of that, you can have someone hit you even at the same item level or close, and take you to 20% health before you know it.  It’s pretty bad.

Though I will say out in Tol Barad, with the exception of that raiding warlock, I’ve still been doing ok.

But, it makes me want to raid just to keep up, it’s frustrating.  It’s totally not fair for me to do that, or have a raider do that either but here we are, again.

Streets are uneven when you’re down

I’ve been having fun in Tol Barad lately, although often times it’s very heavily leaning towards Alliance, every once in a while we get a good battle with Horde.


But, I’ve been feeling rather isolated in the game lately.  I haven’t had a raid team in a long while, and Time Lords has been dead for months.  I quit SPM and I didn’t think too hard about it until I was listening to someones stream.  Lots of grouping for various activities; something I haven’t had in months.

I looked at my friends list and, so many people who just never message me or ask to do anything, ever.  It got e-depressing looking at that so I deleted most of my friends list.  Anyone I hadn’t talked to or played with in months was removed.  I don’t know how it makes any kind of sense but it feels better to not look at 20 people who don’t ever contact me.

A Special Kind of Stupid

I did a few Tol Barad battles today and, I ran into a special kind of stupid that only seems to manifest itself onto someone who plays a hunter.  In this case, Solo-Garona.

He’s typing in really bad English about ignoring the spires which is kind of a valid point if you are struggling with bases, but we had 3. You won’t want people deserting bases but you can spare 2 people.  He was literally saying they aren’t important at all.   Like, screaming to ignore them. At one point he calls inc on ICG and I run there only to find him standing alone, with no horde around, and then he claims he can’t do something because “i’m bsy fighting” when I’m observing him in person, not doing a damn thing.

So naturally I start talking back when he says “listen to what im saying i knwo what im takin about”. I tell him he’s making terrible calls and to be quiet.  I was then removed from the group.

I reply “lol that’s fine, kick your healer, idc, you’re still a moron”.

He literally replied with “u ar e teh weakest link good bye!”

I laughed out loud and countered with “oh wow, 1999 just came by and said hi!”


A few minutes later after people told me to cool down which I most certainly would not, he tried to reinvite me to group, twice, which I declined, TWICE.

That battle was pretty fun other than that, with quite a few horde showing up.

However it got even funnier after that when I ran to the camp to wait out the next battle, and saw Solo sitting there.  Completely unprovoked he laugh emoted at me, and called me a ‘horde spy’.  I replied “you’re really something” and he launched into rapid fire insults that included how I don’t know how to pvp and now ‘everyone’ knows it, I’m an idiot and a horde spy, I have a big mouth (true) and I should use it to suck his dick.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a full screenshot because after the dick comment, I replied “if you had one I might” I reported him and his text all disappeared.

I don’t mind being insulted but I won’t put up with threats or stuff like that.  Apparently Solo is massively insecure to have to double down the insults well after the battle was over.

Missed Mid-Summer

The mid-summer fire festival is without a doubt my favorite event in World of Warcraft.  Even if I’m not trying to fight horde putting out our fires, it’s fun to fly around the entire world(s) and look at everything.  Of course I didn’t bother until the last minute, forgetting just how long it takes to do each continent.  I did pick up the new pet though.



Then I attempted to hit a Tauren paladin who was hovering in the air above our fire, and he promptly came down and took me to almost dead in a few hits:



We’re having fun, aren’t we? 800k crit, 500k regular hit.  My health pool is 3 million.  Math.


For some reason, I can’t find a single reference to the rogue Shaco, who I met several expansions ago.  I usually write about any regular encounter with pvpers in the world, but not a single thing about this guy.  I could only find this screenshot.


As I recall, we ran into each other probably back in Cataclysm, where he use to kill NPCs in the Eastvale Logging Camp. I fought him on my priest and, my memory is fuzzy.  I more than likely died to him when I played shadow priest, but that was typical.  He most certainly didn’t kill me when I was discipline.  We tangled a few times but it must not have been worthy of an entry because I can’t find a thing.

Anyway, I’ve had him on my btags (Fooja) list for a while now.  Only, he’s been rude on par with Holystab on a regular basis lately, with making grandiose claims about how often and how badly he used to beat me in the world (I would have written about it), and how he one-shots everyone these days, on all his characters, everywhere.  Including beating 2400+ rated rbg players.

I was commenting about the good old Halaa days and how many tokens my hunter still has (over 100) and that got a “is that it?”.  Well I threw a lot away and used some for mounts.  In Holystab fashion I got one-upped with “I bought all those in BC” (mind you he writes in 12 year old broken text-speak I just can’t be bothered to duplicate it) and “who cares about Halaa”.   I went on to talk about all the fun fights we had out there and got “Whisperwind is stupid”. Then he went on and on about farming people, how stupid easy arena is, how he’s going to tell his 2’s partner ‘he trash’ and then he’ll get kicked out of a guild he’s been in for years but ‘i dont rly care lol’.

I’ve easily had them on btags for years but being constantly insulted like ‘I’m guessing  you went to Halaa and waited 6 hours for 1 player’ and then made-up stories about how he beat me and some hunter (what?), well, I don’t need this shit.  It’s not often I remove people but this is absurd.