They turned Wintergrasp into a queue-able battleground and WOW.  I haven’t seen this much activity even back when it was new! Lines of vehicles everywhere, people getting chased down by catapults, 12 sieges and demos rolling towards the towers, just amazing!

It’s a good time all around.  Now that being said, I do believe that defending is way easier than attacking right now.  I played 3, won 2, and the loss was attacking and the 2 wins defending.  I have some thoughts about that.

Defenders, just have it easier.  You can spare maybe 4 vehicles to go get the towers and break them down in relatively short order, making the game end quicker.  The rest of your vehicles can be helping ALL THE OTHER players who are in the turrets on the keep, on the ground assisting you, and absolutely wreck both the players and the vehicles coming in.  So let’s count that, defenders have the keep turrets, the RPG GGs, any vehicles they have (catapults are SCARY anti-personnel vehicles right now!), and any players in ideal situations around the keep.  As a solo player you can stand on the keep ledges if ranged, you can stay near the keep walls and teleport instantly back in, etc.

As the attackers you… you can get vehicles.  And uh, that’s it.  You have to send way more than 4 people to defend your towers since there are 3 and 1 player has a hard time taking out 1 vehicle.  So let’s say 3 players per vehicle.  If the other team is rolling 12 sieges, like my loss game was doing, you need probably at least 30 people to go take care of that.  That leaves 10 people to go beat up the keep, and you’re facing all the defense I just talked about.

Now let’s say you are on the attack, and  defending your towers, you have all the rings and temples and workshops and have 16 vehicles. I think that’s the max.  You send all 16 to batter down the keep walls.  The defenders can abandon breaking down your towers no problem, and rush to deal with you with all the resources they have.  Let’s just list, IMO of course, what side has what to be clear.


  1. Turrets on the keep
  2. Attacking from the walls
  3. Easy port back into the keep for safety
  4. RPG GG (two shot vehicles)
  5. Easily defend-able choke point assuming the other side only opens one wall
  6. The leisure to abandon tower breaking at any time for keep defense


  1. uh.  the same vehicles defenders can get?
  2. ?????


I really don’t know how the attackers can win very easily.  They are pretty much forced to be spread out, with the ease of getting vehicles both sides that I’ve seen have pretty equal amounts, but attackers need to defend 3 towers spread across the south part of the map, while also making a HUGE push to the keep, against massive defenses.  Attackers have to get down the turrets, defend against the other sides vehicles, protect their own vehicles against players as well, while also trying to break down walls where you are basically immobile while doing so.

They may need to add something for the attackers, like the ability to repair the vehicles.



Diablo 1.0, I’m Ready


It runs totally fine too.  I forgot a few things though, like how doors will be stuck open if a demon dies in front of it, and how you have to save constantly because it doesn’t auto save progress.  Man, save points or manually saving is so late 80’s to early 90’s isn’t it!


The butcher still made my heart race like crazy though.

The matchmaking in Overwatch is totally garbage

Seriously.  I’m on a 7 game LOSING streak today.  I got 3 gold medals with this on one of the losses, that’s how terrible my teams have been.



I even played with a guy who lost 2 with me, then HE got swapped to another team and won 3 in a row before it reshuffled.  Then I went on to lose 4 more.  Then I joined with my husband where we lost even more.  Like at least 20 losses with not a single win.


It’s not even close games either.  It’s like being camped in spawn, never getting anywhere near the point, moving the payload maybe an inch.  No cards for your team at all and absolutely decimated over and over.  Very bizarre today.


I am pretty sure this game does not let you see the other teams MMR because you’d find yourself at 1000 playing against someone at 3000 or something.  Like a full team of under 500 against a 3000.

WTB Healer but Not any More

I was talking with Silver today and I commented that it was weird how the game has changed over the years.  During Cata, I healed everything.  I did Dragon Soul on my paladin, shaman, and priest, because so many people wanted a good healer.  I healed arena and bgs, rbgs, dungeons.  I did challenge modes in MoP, heroic progression as a healer in Cata and MoP.  Could hardly log in without being asked to do something.  It was an actual problem, believe it or not.

Now, none of that is a thing.  After Post Mortem died, I went to Time Lords, which died.  Then I went to Erratic which died, then to Drop a Feast which died, and now I’ve moved mostly off Whisperwind to play on Sargeras on my fire/frost mage in the guild Second Attempt.

It’s 9pm on a Monday and all but there were 4 people online.  No one is in the discord.  I even sat in it one day to play Overwatch hoping to play with some new people but nope.  It’s just… weird.

Holy Paladin

I haven’t played my holy paladin since WoD, which I can tell because I still have thousands of Broken Bones in my bank, and the fun scrolls from Ashran.  Man I had fun in Ashran.  Anyway wow.  I ran into a holy paladin during some of my fire mage dungeon runs and their spells were finally massively upgraded.  Before you could barely tell you were getting healed because paladins spells looked like almost nothing, unless you were casting Light of Dawn.  Retribution had some cool effects but holy was rather blah.

But NOW.  Wow.  I commented at our holy paladin in a group that their spells looked incredible.  I played mine a bit this week for the Chemical Co dungeon and dang.  Holy light now opens a book when casting and the flashes are beautiful.  Everything looks really cool.  I may level  up this character and now I’m regretting the boost I did on my shaman.  Oh well, I can do it through dungeons I suppose!