What was that?

I’ve been stopping and looking around the environments in SWTOR because even for an older game, it’s very pretty.  I also like to note when the Npcs are doing other things than just standing around.  you can see some cleaning the floor, cowering under gunfire, sleeping, and so on.  But this guy was shooting at a 90 degree angle from the direction his gun was pointing, so that was weird.



I suppose I should turn off names but man, pretty!



A lot of the enemies have pretty cool skills too, freeze bombs, fire, rapid shots, knock backs, etc.  It’s fun!


And making people my bitch!  Or, bone faced things who oddly enough sound perfectly human.

Don’t you threaten me, Al!

So yeah I killed those guys.  They really shouldn’t make threats like, right to my face.  Because I have, you know.  Ears?

I played around with the flirting listening to this guy at least tell better stories than Khem, and then we rocked it to my room.  You don’t see anything though, this isn’t GTA.



About that, then…


So! for an older game, it can be quite pretty.  I spent so long looking for an outfit the game logged me out.  Apparently actively looking through the Galactic Market will do that?  Anyway I played with some dyes but I figured wearing a white/grey would be pretty ironic and left it like that.





And prior to that, did some questing with Stout and had a laugh at getting the side-eye here.  I swear he’s saying “kiss-ass!” to whatever chat option I had selected.


Star Wars the Old Republic

I started playing this game, and, I’m not even sure why.  I think it started by looking up videos of The Last Jedi reviews because I thought the movie was so bad in so many ways, and started thinking about a costume for this Halloween.  Then I started looking up lady Sith and somehow decided to try it out.

Well I’m pretty hooked, so far the story is really good.  I’m a sith inquisitor but I don’t play all that terribly evil.  Someone steals my stuff, you’re going to get a beat down.  You mouth off to me, lightning in the face.  But, you take a beat down and ask that I save your people, and, I’ll give mercy.


I wish I had more screenshots but hitting print screen in game does absolutely nothing, as I found out.



Anyway the game really pulled me in with a character named Harkun who kept calling me slave “how dare you!!” and being a snarky jerk.  I liked him though and before I knew it, I was level 36.  I went ahead and subscribed as well, since you are limited on what you can do as a free player.