There has been a huge demand for classic or vanillas WoW from back in 2004 for a while now, and Blizzard is finally coming out with it.  I played it a bit yesterday and I must say I am understanding the appeal. But, there are also MANY, many quality of life items that no longer exist.

But not talking about that, I am specifically interested in the problem of ‘power creep’ that I feel is effecting Battle for Azeroth. We were having a nice conversation in Elwynn Forest on Classic and someone mentioned it felt good to feel like a mercenary again rather than a god.  This made me think of the power creep not only with players but with the bosses.

For instance even though I started in Wrath, I’ve been reading/watching a lot of the lore going back quite a ways.  I’m not a pro at it but I know a bit.  I will also say I do not know the exact progression of bosses from opening day until BC either.

From what I understand in classic you’re just a nobody helping out here and there to start with.  Beat these murlocs, heal this guard, carry this wine somewhere. Your biggest problems are a gang leader (VanCleef), Hogger,  and eventually, the black dragon Onyxia.  At some point you even go as high as an Elemental Lord, Ragnaros.  In the grand scheme of things, Elemental Lords end of being pretty low as the creep goes on. You also get to fight the bugs in AQ though, I believe.  I’m not sure where they even rate though.

I’m not super clear on BC, although I quested through it I didn’t play when it was knew but as far as I know you were still just a general band of adventurers getting stuff done.  The final boss was Illidan which I still don’t really get why (I kinda hate Illidan) and/or Kil’Jaeden.  I mean Kil’Jaeden is kind of a big deal being a huge demon.

In Wrath it’s obviously the Lich King and by now you are such a big deal that the LK himself wants to kill you and raise you as his most powerful heroes. But, you went through A LOT to get there.  The Naxx stuff, ToC and the nerubians, the titans in Ulduar effected by the old gods, and the IceCrown Citadel.  (I started playing when Ulduar was a big deal but didn’t raid until ICC).

In Cata the big boss was Deathwing and along the way you fight not only Ragnaros again, but Alakir who is another elemental lord, you assist Therazane the earth lord(ess?) and Neptulon the water one. You fight those old god minon guys again, lots of them.  You’re kind of a big deal but still pretty scrappy taking down that huge dragon trying to end the world.

Mist of Pandaria … I don’t even want to talk about it.  Good expansion but you’re basically fighting an orc.

WoD is an alternate timeline and I didn’t raid so I don’t even remember who the last boss was.

Legion was when it starts to get weird, in my opinion.  It was a FANTASTIC expansion but omg you’re fighting doom lords all the way up to Gul’dan and SARGERAS.  Where do you even go after that? You’re equipping MULTIPLE legendary items like it’s nothing, to the point of having multiples in your bags.  MULTIPLES!!! When in prior expansions it took months to finish even 1 for maybe ONE person on  your entire team, and now EVERYONE has MULTIPLES in their BAGS!  You are god tier at this point and the bosses are beyond god tier.  Also, fuck Illidan, take a bath you hippie.

And now in BFA, what is there even to do? We’re such a big deal legendary items are kind of whatever and we’re all leveling the same necklace.  The old gods are rolling around but, so? How can anything but worse than Sargeras?

That’s not to mention the other gear problem.  Want a huge bag? Go buy it.  Good gear? Go buy it.  Level a profession? Go buy the mats. I am rather enjoying looting a small slot bag in classic like it’s the best thing in the world.  I got a small red and brown bag and it’s AMAZING.  I like equipping an updated GREY or WHITE item.  Oh wow I got a green item!  It’s actually pretty neat.

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