Classic Community

Well, so far the feel of classic is pretty good.  Running everywhere sucks but I did that with L2 so it’s not a big deal.  I got the flight points to Westfall, Redridge, Ironforge, and the Lock Modan area before level 11 at least.  I like it, the quests make you feel like a nobody who is making process.

Channels are vibrant everywhere right now, if you have a question, someone will answer.  I got some bags made cheaply by an actual player and moving right along.

However, I know I’m only 11 but groups have been weird.  Any quest that I move slowly on I ask if anyone wants to group.  So far, none.  I did get a short lived group with a warlock asking for group because I invited him but he was 4 levels higher and decided that he didn’t want to ‘carry’ me because he needed all the exp he could get.  So instead of possibly making a friend, nope exp is more important.  That felt A LOT like Lineage 2.  DPS classes didn’t want to group healers because it halved their exp and could ‘just as well use potions’.  Nevermind that potions were inadequate for pvp or raids, nope, wouldn’t bother help leveling your healer who literally couldn’t solo.

Fortunately in WoW classic, I can solo even if it’s a little slow but I sure hope to be more popular when the dungeons are available to my level. If it’s nothing but “mine mine mine” from everyone I will likely quit.


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