You have to buy boxes

Ever since the Chinese New Years event, possibly even the winter holiday, it was pretty obvious you have to buy boxes to get anything.

For instance I earned probably 25 boxes by playing during the summer games, and got 1-2 skins, neither of which I wanted.  I already talked about the coin nerf so I won’t do it again but for this Halloween event I got 2 new skin.  TWO.  I never play Zarya but I got her new Halloween skin and Torb’s skin. I really didn’t want either but they are ok.   I also got Hanzo’s last years Halloween skin, and some non-event skins, but mostly voice lines, sprays, and player icons. Lots and lots of sprays, sometimes even duplicate sprays!  Ravenshield commented that he was getting a lot of duplicates, but I thought he was exaggerating.  Because they fixed duplicates, right?



He wasn’t.

I also couldn’t get anywhere near 3,000 coins to buy a skin of my choice.  I spent 3k on Mercy’s skin at the summer event, which was the last one, but barely earned 1k since then.

I hit roughly around 2200 the last day of the event, not enough to get any skin.  I really wanted the Symmetra skin, Ana’s, possibly McCree’s too.  Nope, I got NONE of those.  I bought 10 boxes and still got no Halloween skins, but barely got enough coins to purchase a single one, Symmetra’s.

Same problem with the summer games, bought Mercy’s new skin but then had no more money.  They really need to reduce the cost of skins, but, I bet they won’t because as I said, YOU HAVE TO BUY BOXES TO GET WHAT YOU WANT.  That is clear.

The Queues

I’m not sure why, but lately if I queue for battlegrounds, especially when solo, you can have mismatched teams for a significant amount of time.  I did a Gilneas a while back where we went pretty much the whole game with 9/10 players.  I did a WSG where we were down 4 players for 3-4 minutes.  I did another WSG where 2 players left and again, 2-3 minutes before anyone queued in.  What gives?

Also, whenever a dungeon shows up with extra loot, you are in for a bad time.  I did an Eye of Azshara tonight for the awards and first had a tank afk for several minutes so he could “do a shot” with his druid guild mate.  Then I blocked the druid for randomly saying “penis” and then the tank for using racism.  Yep, it always goes that way.

Quiet on the front

I haven’t had a whole lot to post lately.  I’m in guilds that are effectively dead on Sargeras, Whisperwind, and Ghostlands.  I’m not on a raid team, nor a pvp group.  World pvp is not a thing both because the world defense messages are gone, and it’s far too imbalanced.  You can get rocked almost instantly with a preemptive strike by someone else.

I’ve also been occupied by other activities such as my crochet projects and putting together my dad’s dads WW2 letters.

New Pet: Shadow!

Mistwidget sent me a new pet! I was talking about getting this last night when I was playing Simcity.  Very cute!  It has fox animations (scratching it’s ears , sitting ) and changes from a tan color to a purple shadow, sometimes with a solid poof of clouds.




He also sleeps if you are idle too long, like a lot of the cats, or at least, the Cinder Kitten does.


I really need to get back on leveling battle pets, I have at least 10 to do.

Casting animation changes, and we’re on Argus!

One thing I like about Legion is that it’s sent us to older zones.  I don’t want to ever see a mass update of old zones to high level zones, like Lineage 2 did.  For instance with Blazing Swap, I believe it started out around level 60, then they went to 80, and now it’s even higher I believe.  There was some tweaking during the Cataclysm, but at no point did they take a level 20ish zone like the Mithril Mines and make it fucking level 80, and destroy half of the area in the process.

Yesterday I started out heading to the Exodar.  The last time I visited this was probably last expansion to crush Horde who were attacking it. It hasn’t flown anywhere since it landed in BC, but we got to take a trip!



And fight, what else, demons!



I also ran into Turalyon who we haven’t seen for so long it was actually in the loading screen tips for a while.  We also see Arator the Redeamer, who I remember from my time patrolling, and questing, in Honor Hold.  He mopes around the inn and had some dialog I remember standing around listening to.  Finally he gets to see his parents, who are Alleria and Turalyon.  Man, it only took like 10 years?



Main npcs are looking  better and better all the time, I must say. We’re getting a lot of silver foxes lately, on top of all that.


Oh and  yeah, spells and animations got a lot of updates!  Smite and ‘holy fire’ have new casting animations for disc, as well as HW Radiance.  It looks really good!  Wild growth for druids looks kind of “earth bendery” and my resto shamans healing spells look equally “water bendery”.  Holy paladins don’t seem to have any changes, though. The “I just did something” idle stance is different too.  Blizzard for my frost mage looks much improved and my gnome has a few new casting animations as well.  I still make the ‘angry face’ when casting flame strike but Blizzard hard-casting and meteor look pretty sweet. I had no idea any of that was coming.