OMFG, what else can I say?  I really don’t get the SWTOR dialog options sometimes.  I got presented with a dialog choice with Talos, my cute little nerd for “are you flirting with me?”.  I was excited because I thought I’d say that all flirty and get flirty options back.



But NO!!!  Instead when I selected “are you flirting with me?”   I said “I’m sorry Talos I like you but I just don’t think of you that way” WHAT???? WHAT????!?!?!?!  GOD DAMN IT!!!


I’m so bummed the game just basically shoe-horns you into a relationship with Andronikos.  I don’t even really like him.  He’s a pirate, I don’t like that.  He was constantly blowing me off.  I don’t like that.  I can pick almost any dialog option which ends up with him snuggling me like I smell of jelly beans.  Fuck off, Andro?  He literally asked when we were going to get married.  Uh, never, thanks.





All the Skill

As the new characters are rolling out, it feels a bit like some others got left behind.  That’s not to say they aren’t good, just that others are better.  I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion but I think Pharah needs some minor buffs.  She’s the only character that freezes in place during her ult, which means she’s a complete sitting duck and almost never gets her entire ult line off.  Someone even made a joke video about that, in fact.  Justice rains from AAH!  Justice AHH!  Justice rains AHH!  If she gets out the entire line, the other team is objectively terrible, imo.

McCree is somewhat close behind because he glows and moves slowly but, his range is much better so he can be almost anywhere and after the slight charge up, he fires immediately.

The other thing is, why is she able to kill herself with her rockets or her ult? No one else is like this (other than Soldier and his rockets, I think).  Junkrat was inexplicably made safe from his own bombs and was made safe from her own ult (which she should have been).  But turn to get someone and accidentally hit a skinny road sign? Cool, you just killed yourself.

I tried looking back through the patch notes, but it feels like Widowmaker got buffs. I went all the way back to April but I didn’t see anything.  It feels like her non-snipe damage went way back up, since she can often melt me as when I’m in her face.  Additionally it feels like it takes way too much to kill Widow, since I’ve hit her with Pharah, or, or have been spraying bullets right on her when she had 1 sliver of health and she still didn’t die.  Add that to rapid fire sniping and wtf really? Oh and plus the grapple.  I meant to do a test game with a widow just standing in place and see how long it takes me to kill her.  I feel it’s way longer than other classes especially because of her small hitbox, which I’m almost guessing was possible made even skinnier. When I’m Pharah I try to counter Widow  but it feels like even if I hit her with a rocket, it barely does anything.

What was that?

I’ve been stopping and looking around the environments in SWTOR because even for an older game, it’s very pretty.  I also like to note when the Npcs are doing other things than just standing around.  you can see some cleaning the floor, cowering under gunfire, sleeping, and so on.  But this guy was shooting at a 90 degree angle from the direction his gun was pointing, so that was weird.



I suppose I should turn off names but man, pretty!



A lot of the enemies have pretty cool skills too, freeze bombs, fire, rapid shots, knock backs, etc.  It’s fun!


And making people my bitch!  Or, bone faced things who oddly enough sound perfectly human.



Well, chasing after Thanatan has been taking a really, really long time.


I got to visit Harkun again but for some reason fraps didn’t want to save my screenshots.  He’s extra super polite to me these days, though.  I still find him spicey.  I mean really he’s basically like the baby sitter of the incompetent and totally racist to anyone not human but yeah.  This game really has great quests.

Don’t you threaten me, Al!

So yeah I killed those guys.  They really shouldn’t make threats like, right to my face.  Because I have, you know.  Ears?

I played around with the flirting listening to this guy at least tell better stories than Khem, and then we rocked it to my room.  You don’t see anything though, this isn’t GTA.