About that, then…


So! for an older game, it can be quite pretty.  I spent so long looking for an outfit the game logged me out.  Apparently actively looking through the Galactic Market will do that?  Anyway I played with some dyes but I figured wearing a white/grey would be pretty ironic and left it like that.





And prior to that, did some questing with Stout and had a laugh at getting the side-eye here.  I swear he’s saying “kiss-ass!” to whatever chat option I had selected.


Star Wars the Old Republic

I started playing this game, and, I’m not even sure why.  I think it started by looking up videos of The Last Jedi reviews because I thought the movie was so bad in so many ways, and started thinking about a costume for this Halloween.  Then I started looking up lady Sith and somehow decided to try it out.

Well I’m pretty hooked, so far the story is really good.  I’m a sith inquisitor but I don’t play all that terribly evil.  Someone steals my stuff, you’re going to get a beat down.  You mouth off to me, lightning in the face.  But, you take a beat down and ask that I save your people, and, I’ll give mercy.


I wish I had more screenshots but hitting print screen in game does absolutely nothing, as I found out.



Anyway the game really pulled me in with a character named Harkun who kept calling me slave “how dare you!!” and being a snarky jerk.  I liked him though and before I knew it, I was level 36.  I went ahead and subscribed as well, since you are limited on what you can do as a free player.

Worse than Timeless Isle

Back during MoP, gear out in the world got extremely unbalanced.  The best pvp gear level was 550, but raiders could get to 580ish.  That meant they could destroy pvpers very quickly, we’re talking 3 globals.  I personally recall dying to a raid tier shadow priest on my resto druid in the span of a Silence, or getting destroyed with a penance or two by a disc priest on my 550 hunter.

Timeless Isle was a real problem on pvp servers in particular, because raiders were gods and could kill pvpers like it was nothing.  I didn’t ever want to see THAT again.

But, here we are.  I’m around 935 ilevel on my mage and priest, but if I run into say, a warlock who is 960ish, they can melt me and NOTHING I can do will save me, I can’t even outheal the damage.  On top of that, you can have someone hit you even at the same item level or close, and take you to 20% health before you know it.  It’s pretty bad.

Though I will say out in Tol Barad, with the exception of that raiding warlock, I’ve still been doing ok.

But, it makes me want to raid just to keep up, it’s frustrating.  It’s totally not fair for me to do that, or have a raider do that either but here we are, again.

Characters needing changes

People are griping endlessly about Mercy and her rez and if anything I think the cast time should be extended a bit.  She’s already getting a nerf to her new ult.  Otherwise, she still seems just fine to me.

Moira on the other hand, geez.  Her ult needs no real aiming on all the maps that are like a hallway (Dorado, Hollywood, Volskaya, etc) but I don’t think it’s really a big deal.  She just does too much damage, imo.  I went 1v1 with a Moira as Symmetra with us both at full health and she killed me.  WHAT?

Her blood sucking orb is ridiculous too.  It travels for ABSOLUTELY AGES and hits everything in range, on top of also bouncing.  So throw it stupid like, against a wall? No worries, it just bounces around for like 10 seconds all over the place and as far as I know, only D.va can block it.  You can’t exactly hide from it on most maps and it might just bounce and follow you anyway.

Her ‘sym’ beamis just too easy for someone who can heal and can destroy any of the lower hp characters.  I can’t wait to see what they do with her.

Holiday Events

I haven’t been playing WoW a lot lately, just logging in for Tol Barad.  Solo and I came to an agreement that he knows how to play a hunter, I know how to play a healer, but neither one apologized about raging that one day.

I also logged in today and Tank had sent me two pets, Naxxy and the Noblegarden Bunny.  The bunny is pink!!!    I haven’t leveled pets in so long, I really should get on that again.  That was a xmas present, of course!