Classic Lineage 2, Isn’t

I was streaming retail Lineage 2 a bit and someone suggested that if I wanted the original feel of the game I should try the classic client. So I did. I’m spitballing dates here a little because it’s been a while.

It’s uh, not even remotely classic though. The character creation screen is the new one, from many, MANY years after the original.  Like around 5th or 6th expansion if memory serves. You can choose a Kamael, who are now called the “Jin Kamael” for some reason, when they didn’t come out until the Kamael update some 6 years after launch.

You don’t have to walk ANYWHERE, at least so far.  I got ported from the old dark elf starter zone straight to town, where the arm in the middle seemed somehow crooked.  I then got ported right to the next town which was Gludio, given upgraded gear (but no weapon and no more spiritshots, which are ungodly expensive), and then later ported right to the Ruins of Agony.  No walking around required.

The popular choice for bots seems to be the precursor to elemental summoners, and kamael melee.  They are EVERYWHERE. Ponies for DAYS.

So far every area the mobs have been passive, and non social.  It’s really something else.  It took me maybe 1 hour to hit 20 and a simple button click to change from mystic to wizard.  No running everywhere, no long 1st class change quest, yeah this isn’t classic.  Adena doesn’t drop either, it goes right into your inventory, and very, very little of it. I wanted to buy just 500 spiritshots, not even blessed, and I couldn’t afford it. So, that part is like classic.

And even funny enough, there is now a bot system in game.  In RoA you will find 5 bots to every mob cluster going at it 24/7 for DAYS.  It’s… yeah.  It’s like Blizzard introducing Cataclysm as “Classic” and letting you afk bot. This isn’t classic.

Don’t have to Aim

Ugh so in Overwatch shields have been a problem for a while now, but it’s especially obnoxious since Sigma showed up.  The classes with shields, which right now is Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa, Sigma, and they can be layered.  They are being nerfed though for obvious reasons.

I will predict the next problem though.  Hear me out.  I think the next problem will be ‘the bots’.  Not like L2 type bots, but those classes that have AI do their work for them.

First, Moira.  She’s fun to play, I guess.  But, don’t act like anyone is a skilled player using her.  IT IS NOT HARD.   You throw a healy ball in the general direction of your team mates and IT AUTOMATICALLY  heals them. You throw a damage ball in the general direction of the enemy, which goes forever and ever and bounces of its own account, and IT AUTOMATICALLY ATTACKS THEM. You hold down fucking right click and your attack AUTOMATICALLY TARGETS ANYONE CLOSE and you kill steal like a son of a bitch.  Oh you got all golds?  Yeah, me too as her.  You know why? Because you fucking kill steal everyones kills.  Or if you get your own, it’s because you don’t have to aim while having better mobility than most of the cast and can just dance around them while they try to aim.  Fuck right off Moira.  No joke I can’t even play her any more because it’s stupid game play.


Anyway as I was saying.  Moira doesn’t have to aim on ALL OF HER SKILLS, Torb only half has to aim, Sym has like 30% auto aim, Bob auto aims, Soldiers ult sorta has to aim a little, McCree’s ult can aim even if someone is off his screen, etc.  I dunno it just feels like there is too much auto aiming.

Doing Everything

Right now my priest is in a good spot, I can heal, or I can dps.  Usually I end up doing both though.  I hit 31 today and it’s a nice thing to be able to fill two roles.

Quality of Life Stuff

I’m nearly at level 29 and still life is pretty good.  Talk in all channels everywhere, people being nice, rolling for chests, pulling mobs off you, I heal people about to die when attacking something as well, buff randoms, etc.  People throw a group if it’s a special mob without even asking, stuff like that.

But man, so many quality of life things that don’t effect things too much are missing.  There is, as far as I know, 1 mailbox in the trade district, instead of all over.  If you die, you have to run back well over 1,000 yards to get back.  I thought the longest run-back ever was when dying in Halaa when you didn’t owe it but nope.  Then I played CLASSIC.  You can die on one coast of a zone and have to run back from the opposite end.  I died in the Stockades and had to run back from GOLDSHIRE.

And flight points are scarce, like 1 a zone.  There is no flight point in Elwynn Forest for Goldshire, or the logging camp.  There is no flight point in Duskwood at Ravenhill either, or at Moonbrook in Westfall.  And mounts aren’t until 40 so have fun running EVERYWHERE.

Oh my gosh and the quests.  So many quests have you run back and forth an entire zone, repeatedly (Duskwood in particular) or go between entire towns, similar to the Lineage 2 class change quests.  Only these are just REGULAR quests.  It’s wild.  It’s old school but it just totally wastes time.

Though I do get a kick out of searching for cooking fires because I don’t want to carry flint and tinder. I sometimes kill mobs around their own camping fire just to use it.

Classic Community

Well, so far the feel of classic is pretty good.  Running everywhere sucks but I did that with L2 so it’s not a big deal.  I got the flight points to Westfall, Redridge, Ironforge, and the Lock Modan area before level 11 at least.  I like it, the quests make you feel like a nobody who is making process.

Channels are vibrant everywhere right now, if you have a question, someone will answer.  I got some bags made cheaply by an actual player and moving right along.

However, I know I’m only 11 but groups have been weird.  Any quest that I move slowly on I ask if anyone wants to group.  So far, none.  I did get a short lived group with a warlock asking for group because I invited him but he was 4 levels higher and decided that he didn’t want to ‘carry’ me because he needed all the exp he could get.  So instead of possibly making a friend, nope exp is more important.  That felt A LOT like Lineage 2.  DPS classes didn’t want to group healers because it halved their exp and could ‘just as well use potions’.  Nevermind that potions were inadequate for pvp or raids, nope, wouldn’t bother help leveling your healer who literally couldn’t solo.

Fortunately in WoW classic, I can solo even if it’s a little slow but I sure hope to be more popular when the dungeons are available to my level. If it’s nothing but “mine mine mine” from everyone I will likely quit.