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Streets are uneven when you’re down

I’ve been having fun in Tol Barad lately, although often times it’s very heavily leaning towards Alliance, every once in a while we get a good battle with Horde.


But, I’ve been feeling rather isolated in the game lately.  I haven’t had a raid team in a long while, and Time Lords has been dead for months.  I quit SPM and I didn’t think too hard about it until I was listening to someones stream.  Lots of grouping for various activities; something I haven’t had in months.

I looked at my friends list and, so many people who just never message me or ask to do anything, ever.  It got e-depressing looking at that so I deleted most of my friends list.  Anyone I hadn’t talked to or played with in months was removed.  I don’t know how it makes any kind of sense but it feels better to not look at 20 people who don’t ever contact me.

A Special Kind of Stupid

I did a few Tol Barad battles today and, I ran into a special kind of stupid that only seems to manifest itself onto someone who plays a hunter.  In this case, Solo-Garona.

He’s typing in really bad English about ignoring the spires which is kind of a valid point if you are struggling with bases, but we had 3. You won’t want people deserting bases but you can spare 2 people.  He was literally saying they aren’t important at all.   Like, screaming to ignore them. At one point he calls inc on ICG and I run there only to find him standing alone, with no horde around, and then he claims he can’t do something because “i’m bsy fighting” when I’m observing him in person, not doing a damn thing.

So naturally I start talking back when he says “listen to what im saying i knwo what im takin about”. I tell him he’s making terrible calls and to be quiet.  I was then removed from the group.

I reply “lol that’s fine, kick your healer, idc, you’re still a moron”.

He literally replied with “u ar e teh weakest link good bye!”

I laughed out loud and countered with “oh wow, 1999 just came by and said hi!”


A few minutes later after people told me to cool down which I most certainly would not, he tried to reinvite me to group, twice, which I declined, TWICE.

That battle was pretty fun other than that, with quite a few horde showing up.

However it got even funnier after that when I ran to the camp to wait out the next battle, and saw Solo sitting there.  Completely unprovoked he laugh emoted at me, and called me a ‘horde spy’.  I replied “you’re really something” and he launched into rapid fire insults that included how I don’t know how to pvp and now ‘everyone’ knows it, I’m an idiot and a horde spy, I have a big mouth (true) and I should use it to suck his dick.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a full screenshot because after the dick comment, I replied “if you had one I might” I reported him and his text all disappeared.

I don’t mind being insulted but I won’t put up with threats or stuff like that.  Apparently Solo is massively insecure to have to double down the insults well after the battle was over.

Changes to Tol Barad

The Tol Barad battles are now every 1 hour, instead of 2.  You don’t get any honor after, either, just the commendations.  Scratch that, you DO get honor but I had to turn on honor gains in chat to even see it now.   I guess it’s an unfortunate side effect of the honor talent grind.  It’s also CRZ’d now so you see people from other servers BUT when you run into TB, it does NOT ask you to join.  It does NOT throw you into a raid team.  I hope they fix that.



Muh priest

Apparently shadow/disc lost a lot of stuff.  Disc long ago lost Divine Hymn which I’m still mad about, but we also have no…


Prayer of Healing

Spirit Shell

Prayer of Mending

Hymn of Hope (lost in Draenor or so)



Void Tendrils


Flash Heal


Then on top of that, SHADOW has no…

Flash Heal

Halo/divine star/cascade

Psyfiend/Void Tendrils/Phantasm

Devouring Plague

Spectral Guise

Psychic Horror

Angelic Feather


I attacked a somewhat afk hunter in Wintergrasp last night, got him to about half health, then he woke up and schooled me into next year.  This is going to be fun.


On the other hand, druids appear to have everything they use to have, except Cyclone which is an honor talent, including baseline Ursol’s, Ysera’s, a mana saving version of Innervate, AND can choose to use a neutered version of a feral, boomy, or guardian which gives you access to several of their skills.  Crazy.


Oh, and Tol Barad and Wintergrasp are CRZ now.



That Alliance Beetle Bike


A day after we talked about this bike during Stormpike night, I ran into this person in Tol Barad.  Added them to btags (Sandstorm), apparently they do IT for a school.


Then I tried to wreck this hunter while at an instance entrance but failed.  My ret reactions  aren’t that good right now and I totally lost.  Boo.


And really, dps?




It’s not hard.  Let your healers go heal if there is no danger.