Finally got rank 11 and my fast mount at only 90g!  I also got exalted with Stormpike but that mount was still 640.  Classic pvp isn’t perfect but I am still doing tons of bgs and having a good time.

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Classic Bgs

Even though I lose A LOT I’m still for the majority of the time having fun!  I think yesterday I lost every single bg and today only won 1, which should have been 2 but who knows what happened.  We maintained 3 bases until near the end where we were down to 2 only for a little bit of time they recap’d a 3, but for some reason Horde won.  The entire bg Alliance side erupted with “WHAT!?!?!”



The night prior I had someone tell me I was a ‘smooth brain’ because I said we weren’t going to win because we had no HKs.  I’m talking like Horde had 5x more than us.  He insulted me a whole bunch and said you can win Arathi without a lot of Hks by ‘spinning and ccing’.  I have never, EVER won an AB where we were massively behind in HKs.  EVER.  It’s basically a 5 base king of the hill and you can’t take a flag by ‘spinning and ccing’ if you can’t kill the defenders.  What an idiot.


THIS was a win.  See how our hks are way way better? It’s a clear pattern.


Even so though it’s a good time in general.  I haven’t pvp’d this much in a long long time.

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My Luck with Guilds for the past 5 or so years

It’s been a weird thing but since Post Mortem I haven’t been in a very active guild which means not since Mist of Panderia.  For example:

Left Post Mortem, went to Time Lords.  They were active and raiding until one day, they all packed up and left.  They didn’t like the guilds “Disney Rules” because swearing was just too awesome I guess.  Guild was dead, left.

I honestly lose track of the names but I went to another guild which disbanded and went to another guild.  Which disbanded and went to another server. Which died…

Then in Classic, I already told those stories but now Molten Core is dead, not raiding, no one logging in, etc.  They were forming a pvp group but absolutely nothing has happened.  Makes for boring play and I’ve literally done NO dungeons as my priest.  I do love pvp healing though Alliance loses pretty much constantly. This weekend for AB I’m at like 3/20.

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Molten Core Swim Team

I joined a guild called Molten Core Swim Team a while back after running into that druid, but haven’t really done anything with them yet.  I decided to heal some bgs as shadow, and I liked it so much I just went healer with most of my points in disc.  I always said I was a disc main.  I ranked up to Knight LT and picked up some gear so my survivability is better as well.


But MAN.  I am doing more bgs in classic than I have in all of Legion and Bfa.  It’s FUN!  I think I lose the majority of my bgs but I did enough the other day to turn in 3 marks for AV, AB and WSG.  WSG was interesting because in the first match, we had a druid FC who literally outran the team the entire time then bitched they were doing it solo.  I pointed out I only have 2 legs as a priest and I cannot keep up with them.  I could never find where they were because they were constantly running up hills, standing on the roof, etc.  I’m not as fast as a druid.  Even at one point the druid said “I am coming mid” so I headed to mid to wait, then they screamed no one was reading.  It’s like uh I was in mid, and you are in the enemies base.  So? I can read, moron.

The next WSG was even worse so I ended up just standing in the GY and afking basically.  They were yelling at me saying I was just running mid over and over and dying but it was like duh, I was looking at the dots on the map, riding out to heal them, and would get murdered in mid by like 5 horde with no alliance around over and over.  So yeah, I DID die a lot but I’m a healer and I’m trying to get to you guys, but now fuck you all.

Speaking of that, when someone was asking why we weren’t moving forward in AV after we just lost SHGY I commented “I’m a healer I don’t have the brains to move on my own” and someone replied “here here”.  For real though, I’m enjoying it.  It’s like old times.




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I thought so

I’ve been out of Roll for Blame for a while, but for a long time I thought that more than likely, they were using it to play alts and were playing with another main team.  Well Poof reached out to me a good 3-4 weeks after I left and basically confirmed it.  They all moved to another guild and were only logging into Roll for quiet time.  They asked who caused me to leave which was funny because it was the main 2 but I just said no one but I wanted a more active guild.

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