WTB Healer but Not any More

I was talking with Silver today and I commented that it was weird how the game has changed over the years.  During Cata, I healed everything.  I did Dragon Soul on my paladin, shaman, and priest, because so many people wanted a good healer.  I healed arena and bgs, rbgs, dungeons.  I did challenge modes in MoP, heroic progression as a healer in Cata and MoP.  Could hardly log in without being asked to do something.  It was an actual problem, believe it or not.

Now, none of that is a thing.  After Post Mortem died, I went to Time Lords, which died.  Then I went to Erratic which died, then to Drop a Feast which died, and now I’ve moved mostly off Whisperwind to play on Sargeras on my fire/frost mage in the guild Second Attempt.

It’s 9pm on a Monday and all but there were 4 people online.  No one is in the discord.  I even sat in it one day to play Overwatch hoping to play with some new people but nope.  It’s just… weird.

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