Quality of Life Stuff

I’m nearly at level 29 and still life is pretty good.  Talk in all channels everywhere, people being nice, rolling for chests, pulling mobs off you, I heal people about to die when attacking something as well, buff randoms, etc.  People throw a group if it’s a special mob without even asking, stuff like that.

But man, so many quality of life things that don’t effect things too much are missing.  There is, as far as I know, 1 mailbox in the trade district, instead of all over.  If you die, you have to run back well over 1,000 yards to get back.  I thought the longest run-back ever was when dying in Halaa when you didn’t owe it but nope.  Then I played CLASSIC.  You can die on one coast of a zone and have to run back from the opposite end.  I died in the Stockades and had to run back from GOLDSHIRE.

And flight points are scarce, like 1 a zone.  There is no flight point in Elwynn Forest for Goldshire, or the logging camp.  There is no flight point in Duskwood at Ravenhill either, or at Moonbrook in Westfall.  And mounts aren’t until 40 so have fun running EVERYWHERE.

Oh my gosh and the quests.  So many quests have you run back and forth an entire zone, repeatedly (Duskwood in particular) or go between entire towns, similar to the Lineage 2 class change quests.  Only these are just REGULAR quests.  It’s wild.  It’s old school but it just totally wastes time.

Though I do get a kick out of searching for cooking fires because I don’t want to carry flint and tinder. I sometimes kill mobs around their own camping fire just to use it.

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