I thought so

I’ve been out of Roll for Blame for a while, but for a long time I thought that more than likely, they were using it to play alts and were playing with another main team.  Well Poof reached out to me a good 3-4 weeks after I left and basically confirmed it.  They all moved to another guild and were only logging into Roll for quiet time.  They asked who caused me to leave which was funny because it was the main 2 but I just said no one but I wanted a more active guild.

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I left Roll for Blame today.  I was going to anyway but last night I was questing out in Felwood when I ran into a person doing a quest I had failed on before.


It was a druid named Cannibinoids (SmokeRings) who I paired up with and we knocked out 3 different quests, 2 of which were escorts.  We ended up trading btags and when I commented that I liked his guild name (and I’ve seen them around a lot), he offered an invite.  I didn’t accept that night but this morning I gquit on both characters and left the discord server. Few reasons why:

  1. no one was ever on most of the day
  2. at night only the poofs were on and they just seemed to constantly level alts
  3. The only other regular was Mercuri who raided with other people and otherwise basically never ever talked
  4. The poofs only grouped up if they needed help with something
  5. They didn’t recruit for months
  6. If they did get a new person, they lied about the activity status of the guild
  7. and of course, Miss Poof reminded me a good deal of SylvanSuede. So, yeah.

Classic WoW

I was standing in Nethergarde Keep today and just sort of marveling what it would have been like to play this game in 2004 instead of Lineage 2.  I mean, WoW is clearly much, MUCH bigger.

In Lineage 2 during the same time, everything really revolved around a town and a zone.  The starter zones for orcs, dwarves, light elves, dark elves, and humans.  Then you move into the towns of Giran and Gludin.  Then off to Dion, Giran, and I think Oren was reachable on release.  There were no, sub-towns like WoW.   There were towns, and zones around the town.

WoW has the capital cities by race plus lots and LOTS of sub-town areas like Nethergarde Keep, Goldshire, Darkshire, Booty Ball, Lakesire, and on and on.

L2 zones were all more or less the same.  Plains areas, a few forests around Oren.  Wow has plains, deserts, flats, islands, jungles, dead zones, volcanoes, craters, swamps, you name it.  Npcs that do more than just stand there.

I had a lot of fun in L2, related to people I met, but man playing WoW instead back in the day would have really been something.

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I put almost all points in shadow but I do miss healing.  I did a ZF group last night and we had a druid healer, but the tank would get frightfully low on hp so I would toss some shields.  Then on the gauntlet event, the healer died.  I was NOT doing that again so I dropped shadowform and kept the tank up.  The healer asked for a rez during combat and when I had no mana, so their awareness wasn’t very good.  But we got through everything even though I had to drop shadowform to heal a second time, and I got a blue neck piece and staff!

I then went and learned basically all my heals in case that happens again.  It’s too bad you don’t get another bar when you turn shadow; I can’t just flip bars like druids can.  I forgot so much skills cost to learn.  I had around 40g and had 11 at the end of that.  Whoops.  Good thing my mage can make gold fairly easily.

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I love fire but…

So I’ve leveled as fire from 1 to 60 but today I am respeccing to frost.  Fire is a thirsty, thirsty spec and on the advice of a friend I took improved scorch to help that. It did help but you have to watch stacks.  That’s not a problem, I kind of like that, but when I went to solo even level 40 dungeons and I got my ass kicked, I decided to go frost.  I need to be able to solo farm to make gold and fire can barely handle 2 level 45 elites in a row without going OOM.   I hope to switch back to it later at some point, since I really enjoy ignite lighting fools on fire. When it triggers and the mob or players bursts into flames, it’s so rewarding.


I played a bit of frost today and comparing the two specs isn’t really fair.  Frost has frostbolt, cone of cold, frost nova, and blizzard.  Right?  Fire has Fireball, Scorch, Flamestrike, Fire Blast and depending on talents, Pyroblast and Blast Wave.  Only, frost seems to hit just as hard with only frostbolt, and uses way less mana.  In fact, I am getting crits with JUST FROSTBOLT that rival regular hits with pyroblast, a skill that is a talent AND takes 6 freaking seconds to cast.  I was flabberghasted by that.

Now I will say that as Fire I only ran into two spots that had fire immune mobs.  That little spot in Arathi Highlands and the volano in Un’goro.  I have a feeling there are more water elementals than fire; a whole island of them in Stranglethorn Vale, ones in lakes like in Eastern Plaguelands, etc.

Lots and LOTS of mobs use fire, starting with the Defias Pillagers, pirates in Stranglethorn, etc.  I’ve only seen maybe 2 that used frost spells, and that wasn’t until 50+.  You don’t even see arcane until Eastern Plaguelands anyway.


In short, fire is more fun but frost is better, if just boring boring boring.

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